Specialist services

Specialist services

Baker Tilly Staples Rodway provides a wide range of consulting services that cover many of your business needs, as well as specialists in industry sectors.

Australia services team

For Australian business coming to New Zealand.

Critical Point Network

Specialist services for professional advisors.


Nationwide tax and advisory expertise in cryptocurrency

Forestry and the Emissions Trading Scheme

Forestry and the Emissions Trading Scheme

French investors

Investisseurs Français en Nouvelle-Zélande

Investment management

The market can be difficult to negotiate and understand. Our knowledge and experience will...

Marketing, communication & design

Taranaki-based marketing and design professionals.

Property & construction

Access our property expertise in advisory, tax and audit.

Rural & farming

Benefit from timely, accurate and relevant information.

Team Japan

Help for Japanese clients doing business and investing in NZ.

Training & education

Workshops on financial, taxation, HR, business planning.

Trusteeships and trust administration

Our tea, includes trust compliance experts, ready to provide trustee services to clients where...



18 Aug 2022

Tax considerations for the current crypto winter

Market conditions can change quickly in the world of crypto. Indeed, it doesn’t seem long ago that people were asking “how high can Bitcoin go?” and considering the extent that altcoins would “go along for the ride”.

21 Jun 2022

Good brand design helps bring business success

You may wonder how people who “just make pictures in Photoshop” can affect your bottom line… well, read on.

03 Mar 2022

Who dairies wins – the Co-operative Difference payment has value

The farmer must be an optimist, or he wouldn’t still be a farmer. Farming is built on self-assurance that the work done today will pay off down the road, that the financial and labour sacrifices will act as investments for the future.

18 Feb 2022

Marketing is a process, not a task

Not that long ago, your average kiwi business owner had the luxury of just placing an advert in the yellow pages, booking an annual radio or print contract and having an occasional meeting with an advertising sales rep.

04 Nov 2021

A fifty-year partnership that's still going strong

Celebrating one of Baker Tilly Staples Rodway’s longest – and most fruitful – partnerships

20 Oct 2021

Six strategic tools every builder needs in their toolbox

There’s no denying these are unusual times to be in construction. Residential building consents are at a record high, meaning plenty of work to go around, but materials and skills shortages (and now, rising interest rates) mean workflows and cashflows are harder to manage than ever.

29 Sep 2021

Tax Talk | Interest Deductibility Rules Announced

More than six months after the government announced interest deductibility limitations for residential properties and a mere three days before these rules would come into force for residential rental properties owned prior to 27 March 2021, the government has released the new legislation in the form of a Supplementary Order…

12 Sep 2021

A great website is invaluable to your business

A well-designed website is one of the most effective ways to increase sales, build a strong customer base and showcase your brand. Think of your website as the digital version of your shop or showroom.

25 Aug 2021

Business Checklist - COVID-19

As we progress up and down Alert Levels, businesses need to review their business continuity plans, and take a flexible mindset to operations.  

23 Aug 2021

"Marketing is a challenge, it’s expensive and nothing works..."

Where does one start? How much should you spend?

14 Jun 2021

5 free marketing tips to grow your customer base

Acquiring and retaining customers is a vital part of running a business. The market in which you operate may be unfamiliar with your products, services, or brand.

23 Apr 2021

How does urban perception relate to the Fonterra Co-Operative difference payment?

In a previous life, working at a leading bank I was taught about Unconscious Bias, what it is, why it happens and how we can remove it, by assessing all the facts and keeping an open mind.

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